About us

Original Walkies
was founded in
2005 and has
happily gone
from strength
to strength.

Our experienced professional team covers
Perth and Moray. We walk, we sit and we stay!
We love what we do!

As Perth’s longest established Dog Walking and Pet Services, we pride ourselves in being highly recommended. All of us at Original Walkies have pets of our own and understand exactly how important the furry and feathered members of your family are to you. We know that you are undoubtably the most qualified person to take care of your pets, but in your absence we aim to be second best.

Original Walkies offer group walkies for woofs who prefer company or individual walkies for those who thrive on one to one attention. Puppies are catered for too, pop in visits as often as required until those little bones are fully grown and your new addition is ready to meet furry friends and join in on big boy/girl walkies. We don’t forget your golden oldies, seniors can go a wee wander wander, at their pace or simply some time in the garden to brighten their day.

Original Walkies are the perfect alternative to putting your cats in a cattery. If you are going on holiday or have work commitments and your cats prefer their home comforts, you can leave them stress free at home and have one of the Original Walkies Team pop in as often as required to care for them in their own environment.

If you are away from home during our visits, Original Walkies will water plants, open and close curtains, put bins out, and any other little things that will help make your house look lived in.

Email or phone us to arrange a free no obligation visit to discuss your exact requirements. You can check out our reviews and follow our adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

All of us at Original Walkies have pets of our own so we know just how important the furry and feathered members of your family are to you.

However sometimes circumstances change, and you need a little extra help with your pets. Original Walkies can provide the back up you need ensuring when you can’t be there we can. Original Walkies specialise in dog walking, cat sitting and small pet care. We pride ourselves in offering an honest, professional reliable service. Original Walkies are fully insured, security vetted pet owners who understand pets are all individual, with their own little habits and characteristics, when in our care we treat them as one of our own.

    Original Walkies can help you with your pet care when:

  • You have work commitments.
  • You have a social event to attend and you don't want to worry about getting home for your pet.
  • The great British weather is at its best and you would rather not go out.
  • You are recovering from illness and need a little help.
  • On holiday, in pet friendly accommodation and planning a day/night out? We can help!
  • You are going on holiday and would prefer to leave your cats happy, stress free and settled at home in their own environment. Original Walkies are the perfect alternative to a cattery.
  • You are going to be away from home and have smaller pets needing care. Original Walkies can give personal care and attention to your two legged, four legged, furry, feathered or scaly friends in the familiar surroundings of their own home.